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"Charon Siphon" 1 - 3

JPN "カロンサイフォン"
DEU "Café Acheron" / TWN "惡魔咖啡館"
Story:Sakaki Hnw Comic:Tachibana Lita

High-school girl Io broken-heated. She reached at a mysterious cafe "Acheron". The owner is a devil named Kiba... Human girl and devil's love story <3


I open the commission on deviantART sometime. Please check "Commission Information" page. About "Commission Mailing List" is there, too.

"Life with Ojipon"

JPN "おじいぽんとわたし"
Author:Tachibana Lita
Serialized 4koma manga on monthly mangazine MANGA CLUB.

College student Yoiko started to live with Ojipon - old bear. Warm, tender and *pokapoka* life with Ojipon.

Paperback comic book "おじいぽんとわたし①" on sale now!

"Keikai girl Ichigo-chan"

JPN "警戒少女いちごちゃん"
Author:Tachibana Lita
Serialized 4koma manga on monthly mangazine MANGA HOME.

Rui want to be good friend with Ichigo-chan. But Ichigo is very very shy, can't talk with Rui without Omar the frog.

"DINNER Momo-san"

JPN "定食屋ももさん"
Author:Tachibana Lita
Guest 3 episodes 4koma manga on monthly manga magazine Syunin ga yuku! SP.

Keisuke started a part-time at "DINNER Momo-san". An owner of this dinner is Momo-san. There are a mysterious living thing and mysterious dinner.

"Sailor and Katana"

JPN "セーラー服と刀"
I contributed one full-colored illustration to theme "Sailor and Katana" illustration book published by Maaya Imatomo. This book will be published on March 5th 2015 at Comitia112.

"Sailor and Katana" information page

Quattro Orsi

JPN "4ひきのくま" / ENG "4 Bears"
Author:Tachibana Lita
I'm uploading comedy 4koma manga twice of a week, Tuesday and Friyday 7:00A.M.


Original, fantasy, love story, story manga and 4koma manga.
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カロン サイフォン(1) (アクションコミックス(乙女ハイ! )) カロン サイフォン(2) (アクションコミックス(乙女ハイ! )) カロン サイフォン(3) (アクションコミックス(乙女ハイ! ))

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